We develop leaders in life

At London County, we focus on leadership development to make our contribution towards developing a better future society.


Since 2004, we have engaged with academics and other high-achieving ‘leaders in life’ to help us research, design, and deliver rich-learning programmes about leadership.


Our global network of richly-experienced thought-leaders enjoy sharing their experiences and also our research with like-minded people. The mentoring process we have developed focuses on empowering people to become the best versions of themselves over time.

What We Do:

We help people to get clear on purpose so they can really thrive. We empower people to develop themselves from the inside out, so they can refine the skills, and deepen their inner confidence to underpin future success.

We innovate through co-creating a variety of formal and informal learning contexts, with the aim of helping leaders understand how to transform potential into achievement both in themselves and in those they are responsible for leading.

London County Captains Days:

We use golf as a vehicle for developing people too. Two leading sportspeople act as captains in a Ryder Cup-style event designed to evoke powerful conversations about the art of leadership and the challenges of high-performance environments.

The Brilliance Series:

We offer 4 half-day workshops (individually themed on Building Resilience; Relating Brilliantly with Others; Deepening Confidence; Having Impact on the World ) for leaders in business, education, sport, and the performing arts, who want to spend quality time in ‘a trusted space’. From a learning perspective, we believe in the power of story-telling, so we offer a variety of ‘real-world stories from real-world leaders’ to serve people across business, education, sport, and the performing arts.


Through developing the all-round capability of leaders, we believe there will be a healthy knock-on effect for society. A more self-aware leader is a more effective leader. With this, it increases the likelihood that others they lead may also feel empowered to reveal their brilliance too.

Our Offer:

Fundamentally, we design and deliver rich-learning programmes.

We offer Programmes on both Inner Leadership, and Outer Leadership to help leaders develop greater balance, and enable meaningful results. We want clients to experience both personal and professional success.

London County Leadership