Cricket is our vehicle for developing people

At London County, we are inspired by iconic cricketers such as WG Grace, Sir Vivian Richards, and Sachin Tendulkar, whose excellence transcended the sport. We are inspired by brilliant cricket teams, and their captains, and fundamentally, by the game itself.

The art of captaincy is fascinating. In 1985, legendary former England captain turned psycho-analyst, Mike Brearley, authored a brilliant book on the subject, and the leadership insights continue to inspire achievers across many disciplines from several different ‘worlds’ to this day.

From WG Grace’s record as arguably England’s best captain, to Sir Donald Bradman’s leadership of Australia’s 1948 ‘Invincibles’; Sir Frank Worrell’s pioneering leadership as the first black captain of West Indies to Clive Lloyd and Sir Vivian Richards' West Indies teams of the 1980’s/early 90’s (unbeaten in test series for 15 years); and Australian captains Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting who inspired world record-breaking Australian teams (16 consecutive test matches and several World Cups), all have our greatest respect for creating and sustaining a high-performance culture.

It is believed Cricket began in England, in the aftermath of the Restoration in 1660, and is arguably the greatest of games. It offers a variety of ‘lessons for life’.

Cricket is more than a game - it is a way of life for many around the world. As a sport, it is able to bring diverse groups of people together through a shared love and respect for the game. At London County, we believe in the values of the game, and how Cricket can be a vehicle for developing people.

An individual game played by teams, cricket challenges the character of both the individual and the team. The continuous ‘dance’ between individual and group processes is what helps to make it such a fascinating and wonderful game.

The commitment to developing one’s craft is fundamental to a cricketer’s long-term success. And, the integration of skill, strategy, subtlety, concentration, physical endeavour, and heart, is what really makes a cricketer.

Individual achievements are celebrated, but cricket is about successful collaboration and more meaningful success. Through nurturing relationships and building partnerships, top performance can follow, and brilliant teams can emerge. Sharing good history together through cricket enables lifelong friendships.

Diversity, inclusivity, individual flair, collective effort and ‘the magic’ of team spirit that contributes to the upliftment of people (and sometimes a whole nation - when remarkable results are achieved), is what helps to make cricket such a great game.

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