Professional Mentoring group

Mentoring @London County

Welcome to The Mentoring Professionals

London County is more than a cricket club; we are a Professional Mentoring organisation serving its clients to help them develop better leadership of self.

As a Professional Mentoring organization, we serve individuals, groups, clubs and companies by providing mentoring capability in order for them to develop further.

We invite people into our 'space' to share our Philosophy of ‘Respectfulness’ and 'drink from our well'. We help people to develop themselves in a balanced and natural way, so that they can become increasingly more effective when they return to their own 'space'.



Our projects, programmes and workshops are designed to create 'A London County Experience' for people who participate in our process.

We offer careful listening to facilitate deeper insights and by reflecting back to others what we hear and see, our intention is to stimulate the thinking of others.

We empower people to become increasingly responsible for their own development over time, safe in the knowledge that our professional support and guidance is available for people to access on an ongoing basis.

We co-create learning contexts which explore the meaning of ‘respect’, and help people to understand more about 'self'. The concepts we work with are:

  • Grace (developing the character)
  • Space (understanding ‘space’ and how best to use it)
  • Energy (how it works and how to manage it best)
  • Information (meaningful connection and ‘flow’)

The Lead Mentor in our working process shares informal conversation to establish a meaningful connection between people to enhance the possibility of ‘flow’ occurring.

Our Bespoke Mentoring Programmes are designed to connect to the needs of the individual we are working with. We meet initially for a ‘needs analysis’ and then co-create a plan to support our client moving forward. Monthly meetings are then held between the Lead Mentor and the client aswell as the provision of ongoing email and telephone support when the need arises.

Throughout the 12 month programme, a third party is sometimes added to stimulate the thinking of the client based on their needs as assessed by the Lead Mentor. This additional intervention is invariably provided by an experienced professional sportsperson, coach, business leader, academic or psycho-therapist, to best support the process. Additionally, clients who are recipients of our Bespoke Mentoring Programmes are invited to some Group Workshops we run to enhance their development.