Gary Kirsten, Nick Compton, Eric Simons and Neil Burns

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Welcome to All Round Opportunity

London County Cricket Club was originally formed by Dr. WG Grace in 1899. His philosophy was to give "invaluable First Class match experience to many cricketers who could not otherwise get it and who would be all the better for it when they come to play in County Cricket”.

Over one hundred years later, those same words still ring true, and form part of the ethos of the reformed London County.

Former Essex, Somerset and Leicestershire wicket keeper / batsman Neil Burns believed during his 20-year career as a professional cricketer that more could be done to open doors to those who for whatever reason were unable to benefit from some of the privileged opportunities offered by the game.

After his retirement from the First-Class game (2003), Neil Burns decided to reform London County Cricket Club to act as a vehicle for identifying and developing talented people who showed a desire to challenge themselves and progress as an individual on and off the field.

The public reforming of London County took place during 2004. 100 years after the last London County versus MCC match, (when WG Grace scored 166 in his final First-Class century) the two clubs met again to commemorate the occasion with London County led by Honorary Captain Sir Vivian Richards.

Since 2004, much work has been done to realise Neil's vision for the organisation. Our Search 4 A Star talent identification and talent development programmes have been a success, while our Overseas Tours, Bespoke Mentoring Programmes and Player Development Workshops have enabled experienced players, coaches and Professional Mentors to inspire emerging talent to reach new levels of personal bests.

With a team of high quality professionals from a range of disciplines who Neil has pulled together, London County continues to engage with people who are curious about how best to develop their potential.

We are developing recognition both in England and internationally, as an organisation which creates a "safe environment" for people to discover more about themselves and how to produce top performance.

We offer "all round opportunity".