Are You A Future Leader?
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The All-Rounder Leadership Programme

Our 21st century leaders need to be developed as ‘All-Round’ people to inspire a better future

To enable a more values-led culture to flourish, the inter-dependency of ‘inner fitness’ and ‘outer fitness’ must be developed alongside high-level leadership skills.

By understanding the challenges associated with 21st century leadership, emerging leaders who develop a collaborative approach to life, can thrive.

Dealing with change, transition, people, teams, and a fast-moving world, requires agility, skill, and resilience.

Emerging leaders need to develop a deeper wisdom about the following attributes in order to succeed:

  • Better understanding of self
  • understanding of leadership styles
  • Better understanding of the working world

Neil Burns and Gary Lineker introduce the All-Rounder Leadership Programme


A Programme For Ambitious Young People who aspire to inspire a better future society

The All-Rounder Leadership Programme’ is the latest offering @londoncounty for young adults (18-25). It will provide ‘All-Round Opportunity’ for young adults to develop their leadership capability, nurture their self-confidence for future success, and think deeply about how they want their life to unfold.

It is open to a combination of young adults, university leavers, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and 18 year-old school leavers, to engage in an inter-active learning process with experienced Professional Mentors, and people from a variety of professions to help them explore their potential as ‘Leaders in Life’.

At London County, we want ambitious young people to understand (and develop) the skills needed to become successful ‘Leaders in Life’.

The All-Rounder Leadership Programme’ will also enable participants to be part of an alumni network that can contribute towards their ongoing success.