Gary Lineker, Neil Burns and Darren Stevens

Welcome to London County Mentoring

London County is more than a cricket club; we are a Professional Mentoring organisation serving its clients to help them develop better leadership of self.

We empower people to transform their professional performance. We also focus on enabling our clients to develop greater balance and thus enjoy an increasingly meaningful ‘all-round’ life.

In sports, through our Performance Coaching Programmes, we enjoy a track-record of transforming the careers of professional athletes.

In business, we provide professional support to key people in leadership roles to enhance their possibilities of delivering the results they desire for the companies and teams they lead.

Neil Burns with London County Cricket Captain Sir Viv Richards

'A New Vision' : Observation & Reflection
We run Projects, Programmes and Player Development Workshops which are designed to enable people who aspire to be top class in the game... to enjoy greater all-round success, on and off the field of play.

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Gary Lineker is presented and the 166 Jug with Neil Burns and Tony Johnstone

'A Round of Golf' : Building Relationships
London County Captains Days are our unique way of bringing people together to share some thinking around better leadership of self and others.

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Neil Burns participates in a professional mentoring session

'A Cup of Tea' : The Meeting
Our Bespoke Mentoring Programmes are designed to connect to the needs of the individual we are working with. We help people to develop themselves so they can take their next step(s) in life with greater balance.

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